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Pharmaceuticals 鈥擳he Pharmaceutical Research and Development System plays a crucial role in turning theoretical breakthrough into products and academic achievements into applied technique. Three research and development systems including Pharmaceutical system, Skin Care Products one, Food and Nutrition Elements one act as the mainstays to realize the Group鈥檚 high-tech development strategy. Among them, the priority is given to Pharmaceutical Research and Development System keeps.
Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBO) is the first Chinese medicine acquiring U.S. patent. also patented in Europe and Japan. It is a fat-soluble medical ointment with a special frame structure, containing active ingredients with functions of anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer forming and anti-spasm, a base made of full nutrition for the recovery of skin and natural substances for accelerating the liquefaction and discharge of the necrotic tissues. The specially designed MEBO base and the ingredients create a physiologically moist environment for the regeneration and repair of the wounds and accelerate the liquefaction of necrotic tissue. Meantime, the frame structure dosage in which the oil of medicine is contained in the special form, shows a function of skin respiring, which not only successfully isolates the wound from external environment, but also maintains the fluent liquefaction and discharge of excretions and constant medicine supply. Characterized with the combination of special dosage form and special base, MEBO claims as the only medicine which can successfully solve the four major difficulties in treating burns so far---- pain, infection, progressive necrosis and deep II degree burns healed with scars. It has become the desired medicine in treating burn patients over 90% TBSA. The satisfactory clinical therapeutic effects won MEBO a certificate of National New Product. So far, MEBO has been officially registered in and imported to many countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Syria, UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The application for FDA botanic drug鈥檚 approval in USA is in the course of procedure.
Thin layer Chromatograph of one of ingredients of burn ointment
Based upon the frame dosage form of MEBO ointment, we have successively developed series products dealing with ulcers in body surface and mucous ulcers. According to the clinical results, MEBO is evaluated as the 100% effective drug for some complicated ulcers such as diabetic extremities ulcers, radiological ulcers, bedsore, chronic venous ulcers in lower extremity and cervical erosion. Following the presence of MEBO ointments with frame dosage form, a range of MEBO creams made from MEBO base and fresh botanic tissue fluid have been available.
Experiments have shown five main functions of the products, namely, repairing the damaged skin to be in a normal physiological state; thinning the cornified layer of skin to ease the osmosis of the active ingredients so as to improve bioavailability; promoting the cell in basal and spinous layer to grow more vigorous so as to enhance the immunity of the skin in affected area; accelerating the metabolism of fatty acid to strengthen the ability of anti-infection; promoting fungus to vary morphologically so as to reduce bacterial toxicity to keep skin in a normal physiological state. Being used as the base of medicines for common skin disease, together with the ingredients of anti-inflammatory and anti-fungus, it can effectively accelerate the recovery of the affected skin, enhance the body鈥檚 immunity against pathogen, prevent the reoccurrence of diseases such as tinea corporis, tinea cruris, etc. MEBO Dermhealth Cream, the first medicine with MEBO cream base, has been put into the market and highly evaluated by clinical doctors and patients.

In this research system, researchs always make efforts to develop new drugs and medications in wound management. MEBO Group established a new joint-venture company in Shanghai, dedicated to research and development medical appliance in burn care field and wound management, and so on.
Skin Care Products
On the basis of Professor Xu Rongxiang鈥檚 scientific breakthroughs in the discovery of the regularity of cell metabolism and skin regeneration, MEBO Group has developed a new range of MEBO skin care products made of natural active plant constituents, keeping skin cell in the normal physiological state has been developed. They are designed completely different from the conventional cosmetics in conception, breaking the model that cosmetics are made with chemical agents. It is Professor Xu鈥檚 another breakthrough in skin care field following his revolutionary burn therapy.
The study shows that the human skin keeps changing according to a certain rule from the very beginning of birth. The first generation of skin is from birth till 20 years old, the second starting at 20-year-old when skin grows mature till 30-year-old and from 60-year-old it turning to age. Such process is so-called generation alteration of cell and the process for male is 5 years later than that for female in the stage since the second generation. If no external factors interfered, the skin normally grows conforming to the actual age. When there are external factors involved, however, or improper use of cosmetics, a big margin shows up between appeared age and actual age, i.e, much older than it should be. This is resulted from some unexpected changes due to external interference when skin is undergoing normal generation alteration and physiological metabolism. Aiming at avoiding such unexpected changes of skin, MEBO range skincare products are developed, utilizing purely natural plant tissue as main ingredients combined with MEBO base which is characterized to promote physiological metabolism and adjustment.
When comes the second generation, skin begins to age due to the inadequate nutrition supply and harmful irritation from environment. MEBO Full Nutrition Cream, being marketed soon, is specially designed for the skin at this stage. Made with the active ingredients extracted from natural plants, it provides skin with full nutrition and enhances the discretion of sebaceous cells so as to recover the normal physiological metabolism to keep skin healthy and young.
MEBO Block Cream is designed for those who are used to powder foundation and colored cosmetics made of the ground ore powder. Though the powder is finely ground, it is actually in a structure of triangle and diamond, which may directly stimulate skin cells, resulting in skin damage and aging. While the colored cosmetics are a kind of chemical dye and their application for long time must lead to chemical damage to skin. MEBO Block Cream, however, is in a special dosage of frame structure providing nourish to skin. Prior to the application of powder foundation and colored cosmetics, apply MEBO cream on the face to form a block layer, which can protect the skin from the direct contact with triangle or diamond particles so as to avoid the damage to skin while nourish the skin at the same time.
Since 1995, as the plentiful fruits of the research have been achieved on research and development of beauty and skin care products, a series of products are gradually being put into the market, namely, MEBO Dermhealth Cream, MEBO SCAReducer, MEBO Soften-beauty Cream, MEBO Cleaning Cream, MEBO Itching Reliever. These products are popular in domestic market and also exported to international markets including USA and UK. At present, there are more new products with brand name of MEBO under research and approve procedure.
Health and Nutrition Food
Among three life technique systems of MEBO Group, Research and Development System on food & essential nutritional factors is a major research direction of the Group in the future. To be more healthy and more energetic in 21th century, it becomes a mission for the scientific researchers to develop the best full nutrition food on the basis of the discovery of a scientific diet law.
Studies shows that the traditional concept "eating well at breakfast, full at lunch, little at dinner" is not a quite scientific concept. Following this diet habit, excessive intake of food at noon either disturbs the release of the stored energy, or expend much dynamic energy. After the massive intake, 30~70% energy is committed to the gastric-intestinal digestion, which makes people feel sleepy. Another problem is that the accumulations of energy along with new nutritional intake may cause the energy statically storing, which easily results in obesity.
Based upon the law of human body鈥檚 biological clock and the law of ingesting full nutrition, a new concept as "eat well at the breakfast, little at lunch, full at dinner" is put forward. With this knowledge and on the basis of the new life-science theory, we has developed a series 21 century food ---- MEBO powder range with high efficiency, high energy and full nutrition. Combined with the traditional concept of "balanced diets integrating grains, fruits, meats and vegetables", the products were prepared on the basis of the advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis of nutriology. Made from purely natural food, they contain a mixture of coarse and refined grain, a combination of botanical and animal proteins, the ester of middle-chain in plants to provide high energy, vegetables, flavoring to make flavours and colorful, supplement of vitamins and trace elements, and proper fiber to adjust digestive function. The high-technology and value-added products are the Group鈥檚 new contributions for the health of human being.

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