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  Outline of Chinese Medicated Diet(CMD)  

Outline of Chinese Medicated Diet(CMD)
It is a simple combination for food and Chinese drugs, but a special highly fished diet made f CMD is norom Chinese drugs, food and condiments under the theoretical guidance of diet preparation based on differentiation of symptoms and signs of TCM . It has not only the efficiency of medicine bot also the delicacy of fiil, and can be used to prevend and cure diseases, build up one鈥檚 health and prolong one鈥檒ife.
CMD has a long history ,the andcient ligend "shennong Tastes Hundred Grasses" shows that early in remote antiquty the chinese nation began to explore the funcation of food adn medicaments , hence the saying "Tranditional Chinese medicine and diet both originate from the practice and experience in daily life.
Now because of the development of econony and the continous rising of the people鈥檚 living standard, medicated diet is more and more valued by the people, and a number of works about medicated diet with distinctive traditional features have been collated and published one after another .Here I list some some books for you :
1. Dietotherapy of Materia Medica 1983 (collated)
2. Principles lof Correct Diet Hu Sihui in the Yuan Dynasty
3. Redipe of Suixiju Wang Shixong in the Qing Dynasty
4. Analysis of Food and Drink for Treatment of Diseases Zhand Mu in the Qing Dynasty
5. Chinese Medicinal Food and Simple Recipes 1973 YeJuquan, a old notable doctor fo TCM
6. Science of Chinese Medicated Diet Pen Mingquan
7. Science of Chinese Dietetic Treatment Qian Bowen
8. Popular Medicated Diets Pen Mingquan and Yang Fang
9. Menu of medicated Diet for nourishment and Health Care Yu Changfang
10. APractical of nutriology of TCM Jiang Chao
11. Series of Chinese Dietitic Treatment science Xie Yongxin and Lei Zaiquan
At present , medicated diet has begun to be valued in trades of both medicine and food and drink. Whatmore the assortment of medicated diet has been developing greatly on the basis of tranditional process, for example ,medicated can, medicated sweets and so on .Salutary food and drinks peoduced on the vasis of achievements in scientific research and having the effect of our curing diesease have variety of sorts and vary in characteristic . there is medicated food suitable for atients suffering from d iabetes , abesity and angiocardiopathy , there are health care fiid and drinks suitable for athletes ,actors ,actress adn miners; there are also health care food or medicated diets suitable for the promotion of children鈥檚 health and growth . or for prolong life of the aged .
Chinese medicated diet has begun to go abroad ,and go into the popqlar ,it willmake contributions to the health of the people all over the world.

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